Property Purchase

Free no obligation consultation

The first step is to arrange a meeting with one of our property consultants to learn more about your requirements and to discuss how the service works. Consultants advise on current market conditions and how to maximise what is achievable for your budget within your chosen area(s). Your consultant will be your single point of contact and oversee the entire process, liaising with estate agents, solicitors, bankers, surveyors and other professional advisors on your behalf.

Sourcing and previewing properties

Once we fully understanding your brief we undertake extensive research of the areas you are interested in. We will source properties through local estate agents and our extensive network of developers and professional contacts, and where necessary even explore private sales in specific streets of interest. We then draw up an initial list of suitable properties that match your needs, visit each property on your behalf, and finally compile a short list. We ensure no stone is left unturned in pursuit of your ideal home.

Accompanied viewing

At your convenience, we take you to see all short-listed properties, so that you can choose the very best one. This need only take a day of your time, and can sometimes take less. Indeed for many of our clients, particularly those from overseas, this is the only time that they need to spend on the property search. We will take care of everything else. Rest assured, though, that we will keep on searching until we find your ideal London property, regardless of our initial short list.


Once the ideal property has been identified we undertake detailed price comparison research to establish what we believe to be fair market value. We will then agree a negotiation strategy with you and work to secure the most favourable terms with the selling agent.  We have a good track record of successfully negotiating very substantial savings from asking prices.  Our clients bids are often also looked on more favourably than competing bids because agents and vendors value that our clients are represented.


Once an offer has been accepted, we liaise with the estate agent or private seller, solicitors, surveyors, mortgage lenders and all other parties in order to usher the process through to completion as efficiently as possible. We will ensure that potential lease extensions, mortgage offers and surveyor reports are dealt with smoothly and professionally.

Call us now on 0203 507 0295 to discuss with us how we could help with your property search.

Case study – purchase

After having two children in quick succession we’d seriously outgrown our cramped central London apartment, we needed more space desperately and preferably with a garden for the kids to play in. However after a long and fruitless year of searching for a house while simultaneous juggling childcare and me going back to work after maternity leave, we’d almost completely given up on finding a property to buy. We’d lost out or been gazumped on several different properties and we were starting to despair. As a parent and busy hospital consultant finding the time to even view properties was hard enough and when I was taken out by estate agents I was just being shown properties that were completely unsuitable for our needs. This is when a friend recommended Curetons to us.

We’d never really heard of a property buying agent before, but the concept sounded ideal for us. Robin was extremely thorough in finding out exactly what we were looking for. We were quite fixed on areas, but he also pushed us to see areas we hadn’t previously considered. Eventually we found a house on a street that we loved, sadly that fell through because of an issue with the survey, but knowing we liked that street Robin sent letters to all the residents on that street asking if they were thinking of selling. Eventually we ended up doing an off-market deal on a house just a couple of doors down from the one we had previously offered on. Thankfully with Robin’s support it went through without too many complications. He even helped us with the removal company and sorted parking permits on the day of the move. We’ve now been in the new house for 6 months and we could not be happier, thank you for all your help.

TM, Chiswick. Budget £5million West London

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Arrange a meeting with one of our property consultants to learn more about your requirements.