Property Rental

Curetons offers rental property finder services catering to both long and short-term rental needs.

Our rental search process mirrors that of property purchases. At times, rental searches are conducted with a sense of urgency, and our dedicated property consultants spare no effort to locate a suitable property within the required timeframe and negotiate the best rental terms possible.

Area orientation and rental review

Regardless of clients’ familiarity with areas, our consultants are well-equipped to advise on which locations and property styles best align with their requirements.

With our property search consultants’ extensive local knowledge, clients gain insight into the availability of local amenities, schools, and transportation links, providing a comprehensive understanding of the area.

Sourcing and previewing properties

Upon finalizing the home search brief, our consultants conduct thorough market research and, if time permits, personally preview all properties on behalf of clients.

Accompanied tours

Our property search consultants coordinate accompanied tours of the finest properties at times convenient for clients, ensuring a personalized and efficient viewing experience.

Negotiation and tenancy agreement oversight

Once clients have identified a property of interest, their consultant will negotiate favorable terms for the tenancy agreement. Our goal is to secure the best price while ensuring the property meets all necessary requirements in terms of furnishings, refurbishment standards, and fittings. Curetons oversees all paperwork and facilitates communication between all parties involved.

Furnishing and moving

Should clients require furnishing services, Curetons collaborates with affiliated contractors who can assist with a variety of furnishing needs. Additionally, we can facilitate introductions to reputable removal companies and other service providers to facilitate a smooth transition into the new home.

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Case study – rental

When my only daughter got offered a place to study at a prestigious London university I was naturally delighted. However I was concerned about my teenage child living in a foreign country away from home for the first time and with no family around. I was keen that she should have somewhere nice to live, but most importantly in a safe area and close by to her college. Not being from London I didn’t know the various areas well and needed some expert advice, that is when I came across Curetons. After arranging a free consultation with them and telling them what we after, they advised us on areas and potential prices. We had very limited time to look before her first term started so Curtetons sourced and previewed a number of properties for us. Then it was just a case of flying into London and them accompanying us on tours of all the potential properties. This just took less than a day and having found a lovely apartment in a secure concierge managed block, they negotiated a tenancy on our behalf, helped with all the paperwork and even got the apartment furnished for us. It was all sorted within a few week and was remarkably hassle free. We can’t thank you enough and would definitely use you services again in the future.


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