Why choose Curetons Property Finders?

Searching for a property in London can be time-consuming, costly and frustrating.

With hundreds of estate agents all over London, each with a plethora of houses on their books, it can take a long time to get a full picture of what is on the market and what represents fair value.

This coupled with the fact that estate agents act solely on behalf of vendors means the buyers interests are not looked out for, resulting in buyers being shown a mass of properties that do not meet their brief.

People who use property finding and buying agents realise that it is valuable to have someone dedicated to monitoring the market on a daily basis. This means properties can be identified ahead of the competition. And having someone dedicated to filtering out properties that meet the brief means precious time is not wasted.

We are told by clients that our service eliminates the stresses of house hunting, speeds up the process and has helped secure homes at the right price.

Whether or not you have decided to use Curetons to help you in your search, you can contact us to find out more about the service we can offer you. We would be happy to explore what you are after and discuss how the service could work for you.

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